The Kube Card is like cash – only more flexible!

Created with YOU in mind, Kube is a new way of handling your everyday cash needs. It gives you complete control. Kube Card is not a credit card, it’s a debit card that is linked to an e-account that cannot go overdrawn – and, therefore, you cannot incur extra charges from penalties.

It works like a pay-as-you-go phone – you just need to load it with money before you can use it – ‘Load & Go’. It’s that easy!

Your Kube e-account has an account number and sort code, which is linked to your Kube Card (which is CHIP & PIN). It can be used anywhere you see the Visa logo, so that’s over 32 million locations and 1 million plus ATM’s/Cash machines worldwide!

So it should include your local supermarket, petrol station, cinema and you can safely shop over the internet.

Kube delivers 24/7 access to your e-account online. You can check your balance, see your recent transactions, make UK bank to bank transfers and manage your money, even set up Standing Orders to pay bills. We can forward sms/txt of every transaction so you know your available balance, minutes after you’ve spent it, so you are totally in control.

‘Load & Go’ is easy! You can load cash into your e-account over the counter at a PayPoint retailer, or via a bank transfer from a bank account, or have your wages directly transfered into your Kube e-account using your account number and sort code. You can even transfer money from Kube Card to Kube Card.

You can even get an extra Kube Card for a family member or friend (13 years of age +), so you can quickly, safely share and manage money.

No bank account required! No Credit Check! No UK transaction charges! We just need to be able to identify you via a simple online check, and you must be at least 18 years old.

Carrying your Kube Card can be safer than carrying cash.

Easy, hassle free money management, for every citizen.